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As a passionate believer in the value of education, I am continually disappointed at our overall development of application-challenged graduates.  Whether graduating from top-tier universities, trade schools, or other educational programs, there continues to be no shortage of students who are prepared for test questions, but are totally unprepared to apply their knowledge…(Read More)

This month we explore delivered chemicals and small groundwater system operations: Course 1020.3 – Delivered Chemicals are Exactly as Specified Course Pack 1020 – True Confessions of an Operator This course pack addresses common chemical feed pitfalls in the water and wastewater treatment process. We lift the veil of chemical feed and see why chemical strength…(Read More)

This month we take a look at disinfection techniques and alternative systems. Course 2011.2 – Lo-Dose UV (Part 2 of 4) Course Pack 2011 – Ultraviolet – Common Sense Disinfection Technology for the 21st Century Course Pack 2011 investigates the latest UV disinfection techniques and applications for potable and wastewater. Operators can explore the advantages of…(Read More)

What are the requirements for a water and/or wastewater online course to be as compliant as a live course? There are four basic requirements that make a course compliant with state standards. Attendance– a user must be present for the entire course. Engagement – a user must be engaged throughout the course. Time fulfillment – courses…(Read More)

This month we take a look at basic math calculations and the three most common tests run in water and wastewater systems. Course 1001.1 – Calculations Into Operations (Part 1 of 4) Course Pack 1001 – Operational Math Our first featured course is part of a progressive math series that focuses on basic calculations at a…(Read More)

Traditional continuing education “strategies” usually consist of setting a quantitative requirement (based on either regulatory or self-imposed guidelines) and then offering courses to meet those requirements. In the Water and Wastewater Industry, available options are generally a selection of traditional “old school” classroom sessions or some sort of conversion to digital presentations. Motivation to…(Read More)

Our first post in a monthly series that highlights a variety of Water Otter courses. This month we take a look at microscope features and process management: Course 1018.1 – Microscope Features and Benefits (Part 1 of 4) Course Pack 1018 – Simple Microscope Applications This one of a kind workshop was written to help wastewater…(Read More)