Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most common questions we are asked. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have! Just send us an email or fill out our contact form.

What courses do you currently offer?

New courses are being added to our curriculum regularly. CLICK HERE for our current courses.

Are your courses state-approved?

YES, where applicable. Each state has its own policy and regulation for continuing education courses. Operators may choose to take any course that complies with state “topic-approved” lists defined by each state. Please refer to your state website for details. Helpful NOTE: a common reason other courses may not be approved is if they do not comply with the standards of approved “subject matter” as previously mentioned. Each state has its own standard. We are COMPLIANT in all states and have curriculums for ALL states. We are PRE-APPROVED in most states. If you have a question regarding this, please feel free to call us: 877-378-8111.

So, what makes a course compliant?

There are four basic requirements that make a course compliant with state standards.

  • Attendance– a user must be present for the entire course.
  • Engagement – a user must be engaged throughout the course.
  • Time fulfillment – courses must meet a time requirement. For example, an hour of credit time is defined by the state as 50 minutes. So a user must take 50 minutes of courses to complete 1 credit hour.
  • State-approved Topic – must be a topic from “subject matter” state lists.

Our courses are broken up into 2-hour course packs that consist of four instructional courses – 1 full course pack = 2 credit hours. Each course pack meets the three requirements to make a course compliant. You may take one course at a time and start, stop, & resume at your convenience.

Aren’t there courses online from other companies that I can take to earn 2 credit hours in about 30 minutes?

This is NOT compliant. If you take a course that you can “fast forward” through, or simply walk away from while the video is playing and come back when it is over, you have not met the required standard for state compliance. You can rest easy that our program meets the regulations of state standards. All of our Certificates of Completion contain State Codes (for states where this is applicable) and our courses are formatted to require consistent engagement.

Are there any other benefits to your program?

YES! You can take our courses ANYWHERE & ANYTIME. We even have courses available to take on tablets and mobile devices. You can access our program 24/7. We have friendly customer and tech support that will answer any questions you have and troubleshoot any issues you experience with ease and a personable attitude.

Additional benefits:

  • Immediate Print-on-demand course materials
  • Immediate Print-on-demand Certificates of Completion – all certificates are kept on file
  • FREE use of ALL Water Otter resources including peer-to-peer discussions, continuing education management tools, course library, and an electronic database of industry materials.
  • “Earn as you learn” Rewards feature – we reward our users for every course they take, for every resource they view, and for every time you post in our community discussion forum with Water Otter coins. Accumulate coins and redeem them for free Water Otter gear, gift cards, and more prizes to be added soon.

Do I need to buy additional course materials?

NO. Part of our commitment to presenting a complete online education experience is our promise that our program has no hidden costs, including additional reference materials, which can be costly. Instead, we provide all course materials within each course pack to assist the learner with the information needed to understand and successfully complete each course. We also have an extensive, searchable Resource Library with additional reference materials that you can use for exam prep, job hunting, and daily operations.

What are the qualifications of your instructors?

You can find full bios and qualifications for all of our instructors on the About Us page!

What do your customers say?

The following testimonials are from current customers:

“I’ve got my whole team enrolled and think that everyone could benefit from the Water Otter program. I also like the idea of using Forum discussions to share ideas and seek assistance with problems.”
~ Barbara, Superintendent of Public Utilities

“I completed all the courses on Water Otter within several months along with 3 other operators. It was an easy and convenient way to get my continuing education credits and learn some new things I did not know. Looking forward to more courses!”
~ Monty, Operator

“It’s easy for me and my entire team to get continuing education credits. It only takes 20 minutes to take a course!”
~ Mike, Operations Superintendent