November Featured Courses


This month we take a look at disinfection techniques and alternative systems.

Course 2011.2 – Lo-Dose UV (Part 2 of 4)
Course Pack 2011 – Ultraviolet – Common Sense Disinfection Technology for the 21st Century

Course Pack 2011 investigates the latest UV disinfection techniques and applications for potable and wastewater. Operators can explore the advantages of UV systems compared to chemical disinfection systems like Chlorine or Ozone. Examine what UV is, how it differs from other typical disinfection systems, and the advantages and disadvantages. Review appropriate applications in community and non-potable water and wastewater. If there is an alternative to chlorine, learn why UV may be choice for installation, operation, and maintenance.

UV related course screenshot

In 2011.2, Lo-Dose UV, students will discover why the latest research data suggests lo-dose UV may be very effective in controlling Giardia and Crytosporidium in potable water.

Course 2014.3 – What Works Best (Part 3 of 4)
Course Pack 2014 – Comparing Alternative Disinfection Systems

Course Pack 2014 addresses the pros and cons of chlorine (gas, powder, liquid) compared and contrasted against alternatives like Chloramines, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, UV, Mixed Oxidants, Ultra-filtration, and other disinfectants and how they may help in meeting requirements for the Disinfection By-products, and upcoming Groundwater Rules. This course pack presents a program of relevant visuals and lively discussion.

chemical examples

In Course 2014.3, What Works Best, students will explore all the various disinfection chemicals and methods available to operators and how they may apply to water and wastewater operations.

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