Water Otter Member Support Page

Hello There! This is a Member Support Page here to answer some questions you might have! If the answer you need isn’t found here, please email us at admin@WaterOtter.com or call (877) 378-8111. We will get back in touch!

If you ever experience needing a new password, an email will be sent to you once requested on the sign-in page. For security purposes, this email expires after 3 hours, so make sure you click in and reset your password! Check your junk folder if you don’t see it— If you didn’t get an email, just ask us for assistance and we will get that email over!

LMS Courses can be large files— you are watching a well-crafted audio and video “slideshow” that’s usually about 30 minutes in length. They are SCORM files which, besides being watched before posted, are run through a system to make sure there’s no errors to it!

It could be your PC, your ISP, your connection speed, or your browser.The minimum requirements are pretty simple— Check them out here: https://compliancetraininggroup.com/faq/lms-requirements/

Still have an issue? Make sure pop-ups are off. Other settings could be affecting why your video is having an issue playing, so let us know and we can see what we can figure out the problem at hand. Try other computers, other Wifi connections, etc.

Our math courses are created in a different format - so we advise making the pop-up full screen (Usually on the top bar of the pop up). You can also grab a corner of the pop up to expand or reduce the size to fit the course on your page. For any other course, depending on your browser, computer, etc. we advise the same! If you have any issue viewing a course, just email us!

As many as you like! Water Otter is an educational tool to help operations run better by keeping the knowledge going. This can save your plant time, money, and much more. If you live in a state that is approving our courses for credits, don’t stop there! Come back, take more courses, interact daily— and be a part of the Water Otter culture!

Every state has different rules and regulations. While we try and keep up, any state at any time may change their guidelines. It is always the responsibility of the operator to ensure that courses you take (anywhere) are approved for credit. Please verify with your state if using our Educational Tool for potential state credits and if you run into an issue, please let us know – we’ll try to help.

New Courses are posted every month. Submit your ideas to us for course topics you’d like to see! We value our Water Otter Members’ input.

When you click on “W and WW Courses”, you will see Curriculums each with a unique 4-digit number. Example:1002 Part 2: Yippee! More Math (1.0 Credit Hour) In this case, “1002 Part 2” is your Course Pack for 1.0 Credit Hour. You will see Start Course, Course Materials, and then the two 30-minute courses to make 1.0 credit hour. These are usually numbered such as 1002.1, 1002.2, 1002.3, etc. Complete ALL the boxes (you will get a checkmark on them!) for your certificate.

No. 1002 Part 2 is the name, as explained above, as a COURSE PACK. 1002.2 is a COURSE. Don’t let the names confuse you - - simply take all the COURSES in a COURSE PACK for your Certificates of Completion!

Call if you have any questions we didn’t include here. We’re available at 1-877-378-8111 or by live chat on our website at WaterOtter.com