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Continuing Education for
Water & Wastewater Operators

America’s Unsung Heroes

water and wasterwater training

We Train America’s Water and Wastewater Operators.

An easy to use, yet powerful online continuing education program for water treatment professionals in the Water and Wastewater Industry.

Enjoy instant access to job-critical tools and certified courses in a format that is organized, efficient, compliant, effective, and measurable. Our program is designed to train not only water and wastewater operators, but any industry employee interested in water and wastewater education.

Support America’s Water and Wastewater Operators, “Our Unsung Heroes.”

We all appreciate the value of the police, fire department, EMTs and armed forces personnel in keeping America safe and supporting the American way of life. There is another group of American heroes - our water and wastewater operators. These men and women keep our water safe and ensure that our families have a clean water supply, a luxury that most of the world doesn’t enjoy.

At Water Otter, we provide continuing education at the lowest possible cost to the water and wastewater industry, and we want to do more to support these fine men and women - but, we can’t do it alone, we need your help. Please consider joining Team Water Otter today to show your support to these American heroes.

Water and wastewater Operators

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