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A easy to use, yet powerful online continuing education program for water treatment professionals in the Water and Wastewater Industry.

Enjoy instant access to job-critical tools and certified courses in a format that is organized, efficient, compliant, effective, and measurable. Our program is designed to train not only water and wastewater operators, but any industry employee interested in water and wastewater education.

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The Old Way vs The New Way

Old Way - Tradeshows/Classes

Cost to register - $250
Travel and Lodging - $500
Lost Work Time - $400
Cost for Day Class: $180/Day
Per Diem: $100/Day

Limited number of hours/subjects available
Paper certificates easily lost and difficult to replace

Minimum Cost Per Operator per Year - $1150

New Way - Water Otter

Unlimited courses, credits, subjects - included
Exam review materials - included
Online community access - included

Online transcripts and on demand certificates
Non-operator employees included at reduced rates on some plans

Total Cost per Operator per Year - $479*
*Individual list price. Discounts for groups/larger units.
Save over $800 per Operator per Year with Water Otter!
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